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♫ hei! chi zao can a! kuai dian la! ♫

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25 January 1986
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Name Michelle - lynn
Location North Carolina
Age 23
Pets fatty cat Noe

Likes video games, gardening, crafts and sewing, rock climbing, camping, sailing, foreign culture and foods, lolita fashion, travel, rollerskating, graphic design, photography,

Dislikes asparagus, loud people, bad manners, rap/country/scene/pop musics, crying babies

Television House MD, Scrubs, Firefly, Farscape, Mythbusters, The Labyrinth, Outlaw Star, Blue Sub 6, The Dark Crystal, Tsubasa, The Venture Bros.

Music cali gari, dir en grey, deadman, MUCC, merry, plastic tree, polysics, halcali, eisley, cursive, circa survive, sigur ros, kanon wakeshima, last alliance, metronome, jinkaku radio, ali project, lu guang zhong, lynch, sodagreen, the presidents of the united states of america, muse, Kokusyoku Sumire

About I hate these things >3< I always try to come up with something interesting to say but then it seems so self centered. I guess I can say that I enjoy the outdoors a lot, and I know it's because I grew up in the mountains of Pennsylvania.
I like to cook and bake sweets and my favorite things to eat are Chinese dishes. Not those crappy dishes from the China Wok down the road, but the authentic home made cooking. You'll never want anything less.

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