animazement wasn't quite so amazing

This past weekend was our state's little anime convention; Animazement. I went with an animal/polka dot theme except my bunny ears didn't stay on well for Friday, and Andy told me the bear ears were silly on Satuday.... so I still had polka dots! Friday afternoon we went out for sushi at Sono, which was outstanding!

They held dances each night and I enjoyed the DJ, and a band even had a concert and encore concert over the weekend! Uchuu Sentai NOIZ, they came all the way from outer space to play for us! {We were eating sushi when the concert started, so I only managed to squeeze in to about the 5th row once I got there...}

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a tiny bit of fan girling

When I was young I saw Star Trek on the television when my dad watched it. I suppose I liked it, but was never in love with it or would go out of my way to see it. I enjoy sci fi a lot though. Word of the new Star Trek film came around pretty quick to me since I had not been spending the money on movies to see any new trailers. Seeing only two trailers for Star Trek, I didn't really want to see it but Andy and Rick roped me into it.. and I'm glad they did! It was excellent! I was delightfully surprised. I was however, disgusted with the raised prices for food in the theaters! $5.75 for a SMALL POPCORN?! Wow, just... unbelievable.. the last time I went, Rick and I had gone to taco bell beforehand and I just stuffed my drink and taco in my shoulder bag. Oh I felt so weird pulling out a whole soda from my bag in the theater, hahah.
I would recommend Star Trek if you either enjoy sci fi or enjoyed the original Star Trek series. I was happy with the cast, and they even brought in Leonard Nimoy, and who doesn't love him? Simon Pegg {maybe more popularly known as shawn of the dead} played Scottie quite well! I was surprised to see a new face as the main character of Kirk! Well, apparently Chris Pine has been in a handful of films that I haven't seen {ie: the princess diaries, okay yeah I don't care about that movie so, of course...} I think he did pretty well! I find myself strangely interested in him though, and I don't like it. I've never been fans of the "pretty boys" in films, but I must say this Chris Pine guy is kind of fairly attractive. Maybe I just like his shiny eyes? Anyhows! I enjoyed the film and I hope you do too!
{honestly I hope this film does not explode in the teen scene... there were some annoying girls next to us that practically peed their pants when Nimoy showed up o__O }

will it or won't it rain?

I've decided to post my coordinates to my journal also, instead of just to daily lolita. Too bad I didn't think of this earlier on... XD I don't really get too many pictures of my coordinates because I hate setting up my tripod to get the shot and have to set the timer and run back and stand before it goes off.
I wish I had got some wintery shots wearing plaid, but winter doesn't last long here... but here's some plaid now! {yeah, not that it's 80 degrees out..}

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I've never been that in to having lots of shoes - just what I need: hiking sandals, flip flops, running shoes, casual wear flats/sneakers, and cute dressy shoes for egl. But lately I have been wanting even MORE shoes.... and I consider myself to have more shoes than I need already! I somehow ended up with more flats than I wear or need, two pairs of running shoes..? and I bought new sneakers because I thought I lost my old ones! Turns out they were in the wrong pocket I thought they were in my suitcase... ;^___^ I don't really have anywhere to store said shoes! It's getting annoying - I had bought an actual shoe shelf, and the damn cubby holes aren't WIDE enough to fit a pair next to each other! I have to set them on top of each other and that's not how I want to take care of shoes that can get scuffed up.
Does anyone have a great shoe rack they just love?

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new contacts!

Well, they aren't exactly new but I actually took some pictures of them recently. I never knew how HARD it was to take a decent picture of ones own eye.
So here they are, they are grey and they are my prescription too! I really like them, although they tend to leave a tiny haze around the edge of my vision which makes me INCREDIBLY TIRED for some reason...although I was wearing them on a fairly gray/dark day...

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You're joking, right?

So I got my car back from the shop this very past Wednesday.. repaired that big dent near my front lights where someone had hit me while I wasn't even IN my car... right, so last night after working at Gamestop we went next door to get ice cream. Oh, yummy ice cream...happy times. So after we're done with our delicious ice cream we're leaving the parking lot.. I'm driving on the main road in the shopping center, there's a parking lot on my left... and I'm passing one of the entrance area to the parking lot and there's a car coming towards the entrance to get onto the road..she never stopped.. she didn't even SEE me and she drove freakin' RIGHT INTO ME. WHAT THE !#$!#%$%#. I stopped my car immediately, opened my car door and just screamed "WTF are you doing?!"at her. She was already immediately crying, it was a teenager. I turned my car off and got back out going towards her, yelling at her that she's supposed to use her eyes when she's driving and that you're supposed to STOP at the end of the parking lot when you're entering a ROAD. She's crying, telling me she'll pay for everything - I hadn't even looked to see how bad it was, but her car looked fine. I turn to go back to survey the damage and call the police. Somehow, no dents in my car, but she completely tore off/shattered the hubcap from my back drivers side wheel. How could you not see a CAR IN THE ROAD THAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO DRIVE RIGHT IN TO!? Coming out of there she had to make a left hand turn, so with her car going with mine it minimalized the damage, but I don't know if the alignment may be off now. I JUST got done talking with my car insurance for my last claim! This is absolutely freaking ridiculous!